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Top Freelancing Websites To Make Money Online

Freelancing is one of the top work-from-home ideas you need to earn a good living from the internet. It affords you the opportunity to work for different clients from any part of the world, depending on your expertise in a particular skill.

As a freelancer, you work on your own terms and speed without depending on anyone. Freelancing jobs are often on temporary contracts than for a long-term employer and you get paid on a per-task basis.

As more graduates are searching for better ways of making a living, the freelancing industry continues to grow at a very fast rate. The good news is, there is always a job for you if you come prepared in your chosen niche or field.

If you are reading this article, I believe you want to tap into the opportunity to earn a good living while working online at your own pace, and you may have decided to give freelancing a shot. I will take you through the various freelancing websites where you can sell your skill to make money.

Freelancing websites are online workplaces where employers/clients are connected with workers who are skilled in different fields. Such websites are:


Many companies or individuals need some workload taken off their backs, and at the same time, want to meet up with their targets or projects. This creates the need to search for skilled workers who can do the job for them at a pay.

Upwork is one of the online marketplaces where such people are connected with skilled workers (freelancers) who will help them accomplish their tasks. In Upwork, clients post the job they want to get done and what they are willing to pay, while freelancers who are interested apply.

It is then left for the client to select his/her favorite worker from the number of applicants.

If you are selected, the client pays money into Upwork escrow and you get paid after the job.

The skills available on Upwork are:

  • Writing
  • Accounting
  • Web Development
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Machine Learning
  • Editing & proofreading
  • Customer service etc


In Fiverr, freelancers showcase their skills while clients find them. Unlike in Upwork where the reverse is the case.

The platform enables you to sell yourself by creating a gig about your skill, what you can do, and how much you want to be paid for a job.

If a client finds your gig/profile interesting, he/she will contact you, order a job, and pay money into Fiverr escrow. You get paid at the end of the job. Available skills on Fiverr includes;

  • Programming
  • Digital Marketing
  • Graphics and Design
  • Video and Animation
  • Logo Design


Freelancer is a very popular website for freelancing with many jobs and projects. Like Upwork, clients post their tasks and you bid for them by submitting proposals.

Writing, Data Entry, Internet Marketing, Web Development, and many other skills are available to buy and sell on Freelancer.


This is a UK-based company that is open to a large number of services. Peopleperhour is for you if you are skilled in Copywriting, Proofreading, and Editing, SEO expert, Digital marketing, Graphic designing, etc. Here, you also bid for a job posted by clients.


This platform is for designers such as Website Designers, Logo Designers, Graphic Designers, and others. 99designs connect freelancers to clients based on the quality of jobs they do. If your jobs are great, you get linked to clients who pay higher.


This is one of the best freelance marketplaces for top talented freelancers. Clients who need experts in different skills approach the TopTal with their specifications. Toptal then links them with registered freelancers who are the best fit for their projects.

The skills available on TopTal are for expert Software developers, Product Managers, Designers, Project Managers, and Finance Managers.


Guru is a very popular freelancing website where you register and showcase your skill through your profile. Many jobs are posted on Guru monthly and freelancers pay about 9% of their wages for any job.


On BloggingPro, you can find such jobs as content writing for blogs, creating a blog, running a blog, or making social media posts for blogs. BloggingPro makes regular job posts that are focused on blogging.

Nigeria Based Freelance Websites

  • Jolancer
  • Gigs Nigeria: Gigs Nigeria has many categories you can bid for regardless of your skill. Ranging from writing, dancing, advertising, designing, consultancy etc.
  • Justfrom5k
  • Asuqu
  • Yokebay

Working for Nigerian websites can be challenging sometimes, as they tend to underpay for freelancing skills. Foreign websites appreciate your skills more. They value your expertise and are ready to pay for them. Moreso, earning in foreign currency is better regarding the poor state of our Naira presently.

If you have read this far, then I must say you are ready to take the bull by the horn in making money online. It doesn’t matter if you do not have any skill at hand, what matters is your desire to pave a better source of income for yourself. You can always acquire as many skills as possible if you are focused.

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