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Top Business Ideas For Stay-at-home Moms.

The early years of motherhood are often met with challenges on how to navigate through your job and care for your family. Deciding to stay at home and offer your best care to your children is a full-time job on its own and shouldn’t be taking for granted.

However, staying at home without any source of income is very difficult as a mom in Nigeria, where only a few people understand how tedious and overwhelming, being a full-time mom can be. The often asked question, what do you do for a living? is capable of driving one into depression.

Worry no more! There are a thousand and one things you can do to create a source of income for yourself while at home. Thanks for the gift of the internet, where you can obtain information on virtually any idea. I know you may be fully engaged at home, but with discipline and proper time management, you will be able to try any of the ideas discussed below.

Day Care Centre

If you are in a neighborhood that has many busy parents, you will be surprised by the kind of patronage you will get in a child-caring business. Many career moms and dads are looking for a safe place where they can leave their little ones during work hours.

All you need for this business is space. One of the rooms in your house can be successfully converted into a creche with lovely wall decorations and good sanitation. Get to know people around you and get them to trust your expertise in child care. With this business, you can make money while spending quality time with your children and other kids around you. With continuous growth, you can engage more hands and be able to expand into a big firm.

Affiliating Marketing

Promoting other people’s products $ services from the comfort of your home can fetch you cool cash. In affiliate marketing, business owners reward you for each visitor or customer brought by your marketing efforts. The beauty of this business idea is that, you do not need to have your own product or services to make money through sales. No need to take inventories and care for business logistics.

Reach out to vendors or companies and negotiate with them. All you need to do is make use of your various social media handles to create adverts, make sales and get a share of the product’s sale price. You can also create sponsored Ads to reach a very wide audience and boost your income.

Event Planning

If you are living among Owambe lovers, or you are someone who loves attending parties, why not plan the parties with the hosts and make money while having a great time. All you need to start this business is learning a few things about organizations, getting the right contacts of party lovers, and being creative.

This is a business that will always fetch you referrals if you give it your best. People are always celebrating one thing or the other you know, from birthdays to child dedication, house-warming parties, naming ceremonies, weddings, burials, etc. No matter how little the party could be, always try to impress both your clients and their guests. Remember their referrals are very crucial to your business growth.

Make A Product

Sewing clothes from home, baking different snacks, making soaps, and other skincare products can make for a good business adventure. You can learn how to make anything on YouTube and turn it into business without going anywhere.

Starting this business will require a little capital, interest, and dedication. You will also need to create awareness of what you are making around your neighborhood and beyond. Should you chose to make clothes, always remember to take photos and videos of your work before delivery, as they are your best proof of proficiency in convincing future clients. Asking for feedback from your customers can also help to build your business.


This is a business idea that allows you to make money with your creativity. All you need is internet access, a computer, and a strong interest in research and writing.

Of course, you can do this! Anyone can. It may not give you an immediate income but with your dedication and ability to connect ideas, you will be able to draw traffic to your blog and make the best out of it in no time.

Sorting Groceries

Buying certain food items such as vegetables, snails, periwinkle, live chicken, etc, that require proper cleaning and cutting will help take the stress off many busy people out there.

Think of a fried rice recipe. I, for one enjoy making fried rice but do not like the stress of cutting all the vegetables needed. You can buy carrots, green beans, peas, cabbage, green pepper, and the rest of them in large quantities, wash them thoroughly, slice or shred them, package in different sizes of ziplock, and sell from your refrigerator. Some supermarkets around you may take supplies as well.

Snails and periwinkle can also be properly washed and sold frozen to your customers. You can also get live chicken neatly packaged on demand, for those who don’t like frozen ones.

Become a Home Tutor

If you enjoy teaching, you can take other people’s children in for classes after school, during weekends and holidays. Classes must not be purely academics, you can teach soft skills like cooking, cleaning, personal hygiene, dancing, presentation skill, and many others.

This can turn you into a life coach while giving your children the maximum attention they deserve.

Freelance Writing

Writing and content creation is a perfect fit for you if you love writing. Many blogs need freelance writers who can create content for their blogs and get paid. All you need are your writing skills.

Create An On-line Store

In our world today, digital marketing is the most effective method of selling. People sit in their homes and offices and purchase whatever they need without having to step into any shop, worry about packing slots, or waste their time searching from shop to shop for a particular product.

There are varieties of items you can choose to sell; kitchen wares, clothes, bags, shoes, home & office decors, skincare products, food items, and many others.

Make Money From Selling What You Have

Those belongings of yours that you no longer use can fetch you some cool cash if you sell them off. Why leave them to occupy space and breed dust in your house when there are people who could pay to have them.


Being a stay-at-home mom or dad is a full-time job that does not offer a full-time payment. You can agree with me that nothing feels better than making your own money and being able to offset your bills at any point in time. Nevertheless, do not allow anybody to make you feel less of yourself for not earning money presently. You are doing a great job already.

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