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Abere Seed For Natural Treatment of Diabetes

Abere (miracle seed) is the Yoruba name for Huntaria umbellata seed, which belongs to the plant family of Apocynaceae.

The seed has an age-long use in the treatment of various ailments, hence the name, miracle seed.

Due to its hypoglycemic activity, Abere seed is found useful in the natural treatment of diabetes.

Health Benefits of Abere seed

The miracle seed has been found useful in the treatment of many diseases such as:

  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Low libido
  • Weak Penile
  • Quick Ejaculation

For the purpose of this article, we will be discussing the use of Abere seed in the natural treatment of diabetes.

What is Diabetes.

Diabetes is a chronic disease that affects the way the body handles glucose (blood sugar) from the food we eat.

There are different types of diabetes, type 1 and type 2, depending on whether or not, the pancreatic cells are able to make insulin. Gestational diabetes is another type. It comes with some pregnancies.

A patient with blood sugar above the normal levels, but not high enough for diabetes, is said to have pre-diabetes.

For chronic ailments like diabetes, it is very beneficial to make your foods your medicines. When your choice of foods and drinks, is from the list that will help regulate your blood sugar, you will need less of your drugs per day. This will also reduce the associated side effects to a bare minimum.

Abere seed is one of the gifts nature gave us. It has very wide use in diabetes treatment in this part of the world. Another herb that controls blood sugar very well is the bitter leaf. You can read more on the use of bitter leaves in the treatment of diabetes here.

How To Use Abere Seed To Treat Diabetes

Coconut Water with Abere Seed

  • Get a milk cup of the Abere seeds.
  • Peel the back of the seeds.
  • Grind the seeds into fine powder.
  • Get 4-5 coconut heads.
  • Break the coconuts and collect the water in a clean cup.
  • Measure about 60cl of the coconut water into a clean plastic bottle.
  • Add half of the powder into the coconut water.
  • Soak the combination for 48 hours and refridgerate.
  • Take a shot (40-50mls) morning and night, after shaking.
  • Always check your blood sugar to avoid hypoglyceamia, a situation where th blood sugar becomes too low.

Water And Abere Seed

Testimonies abound of a better result when Abere is used with coconut water than with plain drinking water, but if you can not find coconut water, you can also soak your Abere seed with clean drinking water. It works well too.

The process is the same as with coconut water, the only difference is that you can soak Abere seed powder in water, 3-4 days before refrigerating. It does not sour as quickly as coconut water.

Other Ways You Can Use Abere Seeds

  • Adding the powder to your pap/ogi/akamu.
  • Adding the powder to your tea.
  • Adding the powder to your swallow meal to mask the very bitter taste.

Is Abere Seed safe to consume?

If you are like me, you will always ask for the safety of everything before it gets into your system. You are not wrong my dear, ‘health’ they say, ‘is wealth’. We should not add more problems to the one we have already.

The safety of Abere seed extract has been established by many pieces of research such as the Evidenced-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine research, volume 2019

Can I Take Abere Seed with regular antidiabetics?

The rule of thumb in the use of Abere seed is to always check your blood sugar level. This is because the seed is a very potent hypoglycemic agent which can bring your blood sugar to a dangerously low level. Taking Abere seed extract and your regular drugs a few hours apart shouldn’t be a problem, as long as your blood sugar does not go below normal.

It is advisable to get a blood sugar testing machine, called the glucometer. With this, you can always check your levels before taking your drugs or any natural remedy for diabetes.


The use of Abere seed is very effective in reducing blood sugar in diabetic patients. Ensure to check your sugar levels regularly, to avoid reducing your blood sugar to levels lower than normal, with this remedy.

Disclaimer; The information provided in this article is not intended to replace professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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