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LIC Golden Jubilee Scholarship

LIC Golden Jubilee Scholarship…The economic impact of Covid-19 has made life very difficult for everyone, especially the middle and lower classes. It is now very difficult for people to eat right how much more sending their wards to standard schools.

This prompted my search for funding opportunities for students in all levels of education and I recently stumbled on the LIC Golden Jubilee Scholarship scheme 2022. With the information provided in this article, Indian students who are not so well-to-do will be able to afford their higher education.

LIC Golden Jubilee Scholarship..What it is

LIC is an acronym for Life Insurance Corporation. It is a scholarship scheme owned by a Life insurance Corporation existing since the year 1956. The Golden Jubilee scholarship scheme was founded to help brilliant children further their education at a much-reduced cost.

This scholarship is primarily for students with poor financial backgrounds. There are very smart kids in India who cannot pay their way through college, consequently causing an increase in the level of illiteracy and unemployment.

With Opportunities like the LIC golden jubilee scholarship, such kids will receive the privilege of standard education and better job opportunities in and outside India. The award is for students in both public and private universities.

There is coverage also for those in vocational and industrial courses so long as the National Council for Vocational Training (NCVT) recognizes your centre.

Eligibility For The LIC Scholarship Scheme?

LIC Golden Jubilee Scholarship is open for the students with financial challenges in the categories I am going to list below. Ensure to read through and carefully too. You will be able to find out if you fit into the program or not.

Firstly, the scholarship is of two categories; the regular scholar which includes everyone, and the special girl child.

According to the LIC division, the regular scholarship is for everyone regardless of gender. Boys and girls receive an equal distribution of the available slots. This is usually 20 regular scholarships, 10 for girls and 10 for boys.

In the second division which is a special scholarship for the girl child, only 10 scholarships are available, and it is normal for the   (which is an intermediate level)

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Requirements For the Regular scholar.

  • To be eligile for the LIC Golden Jubilee Scholarship, you must have passed the Class XII exam or its equivalent, scoring up to 60% or its equivalent in the previous year.
  • You should also have the intention to pursue higher education in medicine, engineering, graduation in any other discipline, diploma courses in any field or any equivalent courses, vocational courses, through Government recognized institutions in Industrial Training Institute.
  •  Passing the Class X exam or its equivalent with a score of 60% or its equivalent in the previous year is also a prerequisite. You should also intend to pursue higher education in the field of vocational courses through Government recognized colleges/institutions or courses in Industrial Training Institute (ITI)

Requirements For the Special Girl Child Scholarship

  1. You need to pass the Class X exam or its equivalent with a minimum of 60% or its equivalent and are actively pursuing higher education in the 10+2 pattern, that lasts for two years.

General Considerations

  • Annual income of your Parents or guardians should not be more than Rs 2,00,000: Thi criteia buttresses the main aim of the award to help those from a poor background finance their studies. The LIC award is not for you if you and your family can afford your fees comfortably.
  • One scholar per family: If a family member is already a beneficiary of this scholarship, you are not eligible to apply.
  • The LIC golden Jubilee Scholarship is for undergraduate stuends only.

Duration of The Golden Jubilee Scholarship

The scholarship will last throughout the period of your study if you are in the first category. This is the same for the special girl child scholarship that lasts for just two years.

Will I be able to get The LIC Golden Jubilee scholarship?

Yes, the scholarship is by merit. As long as you meet all the criteria, you can apply and win this scholarship without fear. There is, however, no guarantee that the committee will select you since the whole process is based on merit.

How To Apply For The LIC Golden Jubilee Scholarship 2022

Here are the simple steps to follow while applying for the LIC scholarship;

  • Log into the LIC website of the golden jubilee scholarship scheme.
  • Click on the homepage and scroll down to an option; LIC golden jubilee scholarship apply online, and click
  • The application form will pop-up. Fill yours details as required. Ensure you enter accurate information at all times.
  • Upload your documents as required to complete your application.
  • Then click SUMMIT.
  • You will receive an acknowledgment number through your registered email address if your application is successful.

Documents Required For The LIC Golden Jubilee Scholarship

LIC Golden Jubilee Scholarship application requires;

  1. Identity card
  2. Aadhar Card
  3. Passport size photograph
  4. Educational qualification document
  5. Bank account passbook
  6. Income certificate
  7. Mobile number

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