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How To Remove SKIN TAGS

You are chatting with a friend who tries to remove a supposed stain on your face only to realize it’s part of your skin. Does that sound very familiar? Maybe you’d like to learn how to remove the skin tags immediately.

Most times, these tiny growths are painless and you could barely notice their existence. Safe for cosmetic reasons and rare health issues, they pose no cause for alarm.

You may have to see your doctor to rule out any health issues.

What Are Skin Tags

These are raised colored skin that is usually small and soft. They have a tiny stalk called a peduncle, through which they connect to the body.

They appear mostly on areas of skin folds. The armpit, under the breasts, neck, thigh, around the eyes, and the groin are mostly affected.

What Causes Skin Tags

The exact cause of skin tags is not known. However, there are factors believed to play significant roles in their development. Such factors include;

  • Friction: This happens along skin areas with folds. Here, body parts tend to rub against each other, generating frictional force that may cause skin tags in such areas.
  • Pregnancy: Hormonal changes in pregnancy may lead to a number of skin problems including skin tags.
  • Obesity: Being overweight can cause several skin folds on your body thus predisposing your skin to developing tags.
  • Insulin Resistance: A condition where the body does not make proper use of insulin, my cause skin tags development.
  • Family History: You may develop skin tags if any member of your family have them.

How To Remove Skin Tags

There are several ways to remove skin tags if you have the need to do so. It could be a ‘do it yourself ‘ or one done by your doctor.

  • Tying off blood flow to the tags: Tying the stalk of these tags will restrict blood flow, causing them to dry off and fall. It could be done at home with a thread or in hospital with a surgical thread.
  • Applying Apple Cider Vinegar: You can remove skin tags by soaking cotton wool in apple cider and placing on the tags. Patience and consistency is needed with this method to achieve your goal.
  • Use of Liquid Nitrogen: Your skin tags can be frozen in liquid Nitrogen at your Doctors’s office to have them removed.
  • Surgery: A minor surgery can be carried out by your doctor where he simply cuts out the tags with surgical blades or scissors while ensuring you do not bleed excessively.
  • Tea-Tree Oil: Tea tree oil, jusk like apple cider vinegar, may be effective in removing skin tags but requires patience and consistency since it takes a long time.

I know you are eager to have those little skin pop-ups removed, but then, it’s very important you do it the right and safe way.

Cutting skin tags should be done in the hospital. Doing it yourself could lead to prolonged bleeding and possible death.

If you have sensitive skin, you will need to be careful with what you apply to the skin. Because further skin irritations can cause scarring and more skin problems for you.


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