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How Can I Make $10 Today With My Phone

This post will discuss a variety of quick and easy ways to earn $10. Even though ten dollars is not a lot of money, the following suggestions will be helpful if you are looking for ways to make an additional ten dollars per day in income.

When you take advantage of a variety of opportunities, you actually have the potential to earn more than ten dollars per day.

Can I Make $10 Just With My Phone?

Some of the following side hustles can be done entirely online.

Others require you to put in some legwork in the real world before you can cash in.

Some others also pay you $10 quickly through PayPal, in addition to other amounts.

How You Can Earn Ten Dollars in a Hurry Legally

Are you searching for ways to make $10 quickly or through PayPal? Look at the available choices down here.

1. Make Money Off of Old Items

You should conduct an inventory of your possessions to identify the items that you no longer need or use. You can make money by selling things you no longer use, such as clothes, shoes, wigs, used electronics, phones, CDs, books, DVDs, musical instruments, and sporting equipment.

Post advertisements for the items on various online marketplaces, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Kijiji.

Used technological goods fetch a good price on the website Decluttr. You can try reselling books on Amazon or, depending on the type of book you have. Think about listing your clothes for sale on Poshmark or ThreadUp.


2. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a rewards website that provides a number of different opportunities to earn cash. You can easily make $10 on the site by completing surveys, playing games, watching videos, browsing the internet, and doing a variety of other activities.

The website has distributed more than $730 million in prizes to its registered users, and each day they give away over 7,000 gift cards for free.

When you sign up for Swagbucks, the company will immediately award you a bonus of $5, which represents half of the total bonus amount of $10.

3. Survey Junkie

This paid survey site is one of the most popular options for individuals who are interested in earning some additional income on the side.

You have the opportunity to earn between $1 and $3 for each survey that you complete through Survey Junkie, which is available in both the United States and Canada. In certain instances, they even pay up to $50 for each survey that you complete.

You will be able to easily cash out via PayPal once you have accumulated ten dollars’ worth of points.

You can join Survey junkie here.


If you want to make a quick sum of money from the internet, freelancing is one of the best ideas you need to consider. Because of this, you have the opportunity to work for a variety of clients located in any part of the world, depending on the level of expertise you possess in a specific skill.

Working as a freelancer allows you to set your own hours and pace, as you are not beholden to anyone but yourself. When you work as a freelancer, you typically have shorter-term contracts than when you work for an employer on a permanent basis, and you are compensated on a per-project basis.


The freelancing industry is continuing to expand at a very rapid rate despite the fact that an increasing number of recent graduates are looking for more lucrative ways to make a living.

The good news is that if you come prepared in your chosen field or niche, there is always a job for you, so long as you don’t give up. Below are some freelancing websites;


Some people have so much work on their hands that they would need someone else to lift the burden of some of their work. This is true for a great number of businesses and people if they are to realize their goals or finish the projects they have started.

Because of this, it is necessary for them to look for skilled workers who can complete the task for them in exchange for payment.

On Upwork, customers will post the work they need to complete along with the amount of money they are willing to pay for it. Freelancers who are interested will then apply for the job.


Fiverr is another interesting website for freelancers. Here you will advertise your skills, and clients will contact you directly. Contrary to what happens on Upwork, where clients post job opportunities and you apply.

You are able to market yourself by creating a “gig” on the platform that describes your skills, what you are capable of doing, and the amount of money you are looking to receive for a job.

Skills You Can Use On Freelancing websites.

Here are most of the skills you can use to earn money quickly as a freelancer;

  • Writing
  • Accounting
  • Machine Learning
  • Web Development
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Customer service
  • Editing & proofreading, etc

Read more on freelancing here.


This rewards site offers its members cash and free gift cards in exchange for their opinions.

Looking for ways to earn free PayPal money or Amazon gift cards? PrizeRebel is one way to get started.

Take on the role of a Secret Customer.

Sign up for a mystery shopping website such as Secret Hopper, Premier Service, MSP Canada, or Trend Source, among others, and begin completing gigs as soon as possible.

They might ask you to evaluate the customer service at a retail store, provide feedback on the quality of the food and service at a restaurant, or something else entirely.


In addition to the complimentary meals, goods, or services that they have received, mystery shoppers can earn anywhere from $10 to $40 for each assignment that they complete.

Take part in “Focus Groups” conversation

You can also earn $10 or more in a day by taking part in discussions or focus groups hosted by various organizations.

As part of this assignment, you will have the opportunity to participate as a panelist or discussant alongside other individuals in order to exchange ideas and thoughts regarding a specific good or service.

In the majority of instances, it will not even be relevant whether or not your viewpoints are correct.

The purpose of many of these online focus group discussions is to simply learn what people’s opinions are. This helps to assist their customers in making the appropriate choices regarding their goods or services.

Comments from the focus group can also be utilized to facilitate enhancements to the product development process.

You can make good money participating in focus group panels.  Working for companies like Intelli-Shop, Fieldwork, and Mindswarms can also help you make good money.

Make $10 Today Through Affiliate Marketing

By promoting a good or service another retailer or advertiser, publishers can participate in a process known as affiliate marketing and earn a commission for their efforts.

For delivering a particular result to the retailer or advertiser, the affiliate partner receives a payout as a form of compensation.

The result is usually a sale you make. However, some programs will compensate you for generating leads. You can also get a pay for clicking through to a website, or downloading an application.

Affiliate programs are typically free to join. This means you won’t need to worry about spending a lot of money getting started. This opportunity base on performance.

It has the potential to become a profitable online business idea for you if it is executed effectively and results in a healthy income for you.

See this for more ideas on how to make money online.

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