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Funding Opportunities For Post-Graduate Programs Abroad.

The study route is one of the easiest ways you can move to your dream country quickly. If you are aspiring to get into a postgraduate school abroad, here are some points you should note;

  • Post graduate schools have an eye for good grades. Some programs require at least a second class upper division (2:1) in your graduate degree. Some others may accept 2:2 and above. Good grades also go a long way to determine wether you will qualify for some funding or not.
  • You should be able, and eager to carry out researches on given topics, make sound presentations and proper documentations. This is very pertinent for PhD students who work with thesis and researches every step of the way. Here, the skill of reporting research results in your own thoughts, is very important
  • Resilience and Determination: Studying in a foreign land, away from the people and culture you are familiar with, can be very challenging. It requires the determination to stay focused, regardless of any difficulties you may encounter.
  • Experince:You need some relevant work experinces, especially if you had a poor grade. Experinces that are related to your field of study, serve as a proof, that you know exactly what areas you need more knowledge on. This forms major part of your motivation for a higher studies or research.
  • Create important social media handles such as LinkedIn and Twitter. Search for professors in your choice program from their school websites, and connect to them through these social media handles. Get to read every post they make, especially those for post graduate opportunities that can help you fund your studies.
  • Do not forget you need money! Yes, you need money to study abroad, for bills ranging from tuition, student fee, accomodation, feeding, health insurance, and many others that make up your living expenses.

One major drawback for the study route is funding. Studying abroad has become very expensive for most Nigerian students, due to the progressive decline in Naira value. However, there are many funding options available for international students abroad. We will discuss such opportunities with regards to the UK, USA, Canada, and Germany.

Types of Funding

  • Fully Funded Scholarship: When you are granted a fully funded scholarship, there is a complete waiver on your tuition and other fees. You will also receive a monthly/yearly stipend to take care of your living expenses. The funding is provided by the organisation or department that owns the scholarship. Fully funded scholarships that are open for application for 2021/2022 session are;
  1. Commonwealth Scholarship
  2. Chevening Scholarship
  3. Erasmus Mundus Scholarship
  4. DAAD Scholarship

They are usually very competitive but are awarded yearly to thousands of students. You can also be a beneficiary this year, just do your best.

  • Tuition Waiver: Another type of funding is the tuition waiver. This can be full or partial waiver on the actuall tuition, where you pay nothing or part of your tuition, alongside other fees. The offer is usually on merit by the organisation, individual, or department that own them.
  • Research Assistantships(RAs): Some professors do have need for capable students, who can help them in thier reseach and lab work. Students who qualify, are given an average of 20 hours per week for their resaerch work and get payed.
  • Teaching Assistntships(TAs): This is similar to research assistantship. Here, you will be required to teach undergraduate students, grade students’ works, or program assignments, projects or exams. To be able to teach as a TA, you need to be proficient in your spoken English.

Assistantships vary, depending on the availability of funds. It may consist of only tuition, tuition with fees, or partial tuition. The payment may come as an hourly or annual stipend.

To access the availability of funding in any university or department, always check the FEES AND FUNDING section on their website. Following the professors in your program on social media, will also help you to find out when any of them needs an assistant.


Your dreams of studying abroad and possibly settling after studies can be achieved. Many people have been able to pave a better future for themselves via this route, and you can be one of them. Keep your dreams alive until they become realities.

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