Stroke Prevention Tips

A stroke is an accident in the brain’s blood flow that occurs when there is an interruption in blood supply to parts of your brain or bleeding in the brain. When these happen, the brain tissues are denied oxygen and nutrients. Read on for tips on stroke prevention. According to the U.S National Library of … Read more

Best Sweetener For Diabetics

Best Sweetener For Diabetics–Are you always wondering what the right sweeteners are for people living with diabetes? You are not alone. We all know how important it is to avoid any food item that can cause a spike in the blood sugar level of diabetics. The use of regular table sugar as a sweetener has … Read more

Best ways To Care for Your Breasts

Best ways to care for your breasts-The care for the breasts is usually geared towards breast examinations that will help you prevent or detect any changes in your breasts for prompt action. The goal is to improve prognosis and reduce the death rate caused by breast cancer in the affected population. Breast Self Examination (BSE) … Read more

9 Ways To Prevent Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most common cancer affecting women. It is the second most common type of cancer, after lung cancer, causing death in women. Men are also affected by this, but with much less occurrence than in women. The danger of breast cancer in men is in the poor prognosis (outcome) since they are … Read more

How To Get Pregnant Fast With PCOS

Polycystic ovary syndrome is a condition that puts a woman’s hormones out of balance. It is often characterized by excessive production of the male hormone, androgen. In the human ovaries, the follicles grow, mature, and release eggs during ovulation in a normal menstrual cycle. When the ovaries produce excess androgen, the follicular may be arrested … Read more

8 Tips On How to Prevent Prostate Cancer

The prostate is a walnut-sized gland in the male reproductive system. It lies just in front of the rectum, between the penis and the bladder. The major function of the prostate is the production of fluid that makes up part of the semen. Prostate cancer occurs when there is an abnormal (malignant) growth of cells … Read more

Living Right With Diabetes

When you know the best approach to a healthy life, living with diabetes becomes simple and non-challenging to you. Firstly, you need to understand that you are the most important member of your health care team. Accepting your health status, and being ready to make major adjustments are the first steps to living healthy with … Read more

Complications Of Diabetes

Diabetes complications are all the health problems that develop as a result of poorly controlled blood sugar. The complication could be acute, developing suddenly, or chronic when they develop over time. Persistent high blood sugar can cause damages to various organs in your body which may lead to complications that pose a big threat to … Read more

What To Do After An Unprotected Sex

Did you forget to use a condom or other contraceptive methods recently? Did he pull off in the heat of the show, or maybe the condom got broken or slipped off? Try not to panic! These things happen sometimes and often put one into fear of pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases. The good news is, … Read more

Methods Of Contraception

What is contraception? Contraception simply means to prevent pregnancy. It involves all the methods employed to prevent conception from the meeting of sperm and egg of fertile couples. Contraception is used in family planning to keep an expected family size or achieve good child-spacing in a family. It is also used by singles who are … Read more